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Converge Company Team

We had an incredible turn out for our video-based auditions, and we have placed our amazing dancers into their 2020 Company Team levels.  It's not too late!  Additional dancers interested in joining our company team can still audition.  





    • Company Team Auditions are ongoing through September 

    • You must register AND submit a video.  Please fill out the audition registration form using the link above.   

    • Submit your video using the link above.  

    • Video Instructions:

      • At the beginning of your video, please state the following:

        • Your full name

        • The program or classes for which you are applying (Converge Company Team, Class Placement  - state classes for which you want to be considered:  ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop).  

      • Please create a 1-3 minute dance video that features ballet, jazz, or contemporary technique.  You can also feature a specialty style if you want to be considered for that style.  You are welcome to submit a previously recorded solo (or combination of videos) highlighting your skills. 

      • When your audition video is complete, please save it with your first and last name as the file name.  (For example: KellieLightfoot.mp4).  Upload your video to our dropbox using the link above.  

      • We encourage you to submit your video audition as soon as possible to not delay the scheduling of your summer session classes. If you have any questions, our staff is here and ready to help!

      • We understand that everyone has access to different space and equipment.  We are not expecting professional video submissions.  Do your best and show us what you’ve got!  For best results, do not video a close-up;  have your entire body (from head to toe) in the frame.  Prior to recording, test that you are in focus and well lit, and that your video is free from distracting background noise.  




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