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Avon, OH

Welcome to
Converge Performing Arts Center


At Converge Performing Arts Center, our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of what we do. We take pride in offering an unparalleled variety of class styles that cater to dancers of all levels, from those taking their first steps to the experienced elite dancers. Our team of expert instructors aren't just skilled, they're passionate about sharing their love for dance and nurturing talent at every level.​  But it's not just about the moves – it's about the environment.  Our studio thrives on a culture of positivity, support, and inclusion. We believe that dance is for everyone, and our tight-knit community reflects this belief every day.  As you step into our thoughtfully-designed new facility equipped with state-of-the-art gear, you'll feel the energy and excitement that comes with pursuing your passion in a welcoming space.  At Converge, it's not just about dance – it's about the journey, the growth, and the empowerment that comes with it.  Join us and experience the difference firsthand.

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