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Parent Info & FAQ's

Thank you for choosing Converge Performing Arts Center!  We're grateful for the opportunity to work with your child and help foster their love of dance.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with the tuition and pricing, dress code, and studio procedures and policies below, and reach out to us if you have any questions.  We've also prepared a downloadable info sheet for you to use as a quick reference.  Click below for a copy!


Thank you for helping our studio run smoothly and safely!


Tuition & Payment Policies

Registration Fee:

$40 per student applied at time of registration.  (non-refundable)


30 minute class, once per week: $40.00/month

45 minute class, once per week:  $60.00/month

60 minute class, once per week:  $80/month

75 minute class, once per week:  $100/month

90 minute class, once per week:  $120/month

Multiple Class Discounts:

Dancers enrolled in 3+ hours of class per week will receive a percentage discount off total tuition. The percentage discount increases with total hours as noted in the Tuition Chart below.  


Multiple class discounts are based on a student's total weekly class time.  Regular weekly Company Team rehearsals are included in the total hour calculation.  Multiple class discounts are per student (not combined per family).   See the Tuition Chart below for easy tuition calculation.  

Platinum Dance Pass:  $475.00

Unlimited classes up to 10 hours per week.  

Then add only $15 for each additional half hour over 10 hours.  

Drop-In Classes & UNITE Classes:

Single Class:  $22.00

5 Class Pack:  $90 (2 month expiration from sale date)

10 Class Pack:  $170 (3 month expiration from sale date)

15 Class Pack:  $240 (4 month expiration from sale date)

20 Class Pack:  $300 (4 month expiration from sale date)

Private Lessons:

30-Minute Lessons

     -  Private Lesson (1 dancer):  $45

     -  Semi-Private Lesson (2 dancers):  $70

     -  Semi-Private Lesson (3 dancers):  $90

45-Minute Lessons

     -  Private Lesson (1 dancer):  $60

     -  Semi-Private Lesson (2 dancers):  $90

     -  Semi-Private Lesson (3 dancers):  $120

Tuition Policies and Procedures:

     -  The first month's tuition is due at registration.  

     -  Tuition is then due for the upcoming month on the 1st of each month.  

     -  Families are required to keep a current credit card or bank account on file.  

     -  We will accept payments in case or check only if they are received prior to the first of the month.  

     -  Tuition will be automatically withdrawn on the 1st of the month

     -  There is a $20 late fee applied to any account not paid in full by the 10th of the month.  

     -  Tuition is based on the entire dance season and divided into equal monthly payments.  

     -  Tuition is not based on the number of classes held in any given month.  

Absence, Class Change, & Cancellation:

Once registered, your first month's tuition payment holds your place in class.  Please contact to change your student's class enrollment.  


There are no refunds or deductions for lessons missed.  Make-up Classes (equal or lower level/value class) can be taken in any class that has space available.  Make-up classes must be used within one month of the missed class.


To withdraw from a class, notification via email or studio phone call must be received at least two weeks prior to the 1st of the upcoming month.  If notification is received after this deadline, the student can continue taking the class for the upcoming month, but no refunds will be given.  The class would be dropped for the next billed month.


Please understand that we cannot be responsible for acts of nature and that snow days or other weather-related days will not affect your tuition.


Converge Performing Arts Center reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment.  In this instance, you will receive a full tuition refund.


No refunds are allowed for any convention/workshop or master class fees at the studio.  This is the policy of each of the organizations and/or guests that we bring in, so we cannot issue refunds. 


Preschool & Kinder Classes:

Ballet:  Any color leotard, tights.  Tight fitting shorts or ballet skirts are permissible.  Pink ballet slippers

Jazz/Contemporary:  Any color leotard, tight fitting shorts/pants or tank/t-shirt is permissible.  Students dance barefoot.

Tap/Hip Hop:  T-shirt/tank, shorts/pants are great for hip hop and tap.  Black tap shoes; Clean sneakers for hip hop.  

Visit our ATTIRE Page for more details and recommendations

All students must be in proper attire and appropriate dance shoes with hair neatly pulled back in order to participate in class.  No chewing gum, jewelry, or dangly earrings.  Please label ALL of your student's dance shoes!



We know starting a new activity can be tough, especially when it involves getting leotards and tights on tiny wiggly bodies!  We're here to help make your dancer's first dance experience a great one! 

Does my dancer need all necessary attire for the first week of class?

We're super flexible on attire for the first month of the session as some students may be waiting for items to come in or parents want to hold off on purchasing items until they see if their little one is comfortable and wants to continue in class.  Dancers who do not have shoes yet are encouraged to go barefoot or wear a pair of socks (tights can be slippery on the dance floor).  The student doesn't really get the full class experience unless they have proper attire (i.e.tap shoes), but we trust parents to outfit their dancer on a time table that works for their family.  Dancers who do not have a leotard the first week of class are allowed to wear a t-shirt and shorts.  We understand that even when comfortable, sometimes our little ones might be having an off day.  Choose your battles... if they insist on wearing their soccer jersey to dance, and a full tantrum will ensue without it... they can wear the jersey to class :)

What is your policy on parents being in the studio room?

Aside from our "Dance With Me" classes, generally parents will remain in the lobby and can view the entire class through our viewing windows.  If your dancer is having a hard time getting started the first few weeks (totally normal!), it might be helpful for you to join them until they get involved enough in the class for you to sneak out.  It is not uncommon for some students to take a little longer to warm up to a new activity.  Our teachers are experienced in helping kids acclimate to the classroom, and we promise they'll be having fun and learning all about the joys of dance in no time!




We're super proud of our new facility and are happy to share it with our dancers and families every day!  


We have 3 studios with Stage Step Sprung Flooring and Stage Step Marley for the safest surface for dancers.  We have state of the art sound and lighting equipment as well as dance-specific fitness equipment available for use during classes. 

Front Desk:

Our front desk is staffed Monday-Thursday from 4:00pm-7:30pm to happily assist with class registrations, tuition payments and account questions, UNITE (drop-in classes), and answer any general questions.

Large Viewing Windows:

Our studio rooms offer large viewing windows so parents can observe their students in class.  Please ensure that students in the class can stay focused by not allowing siblings to bang on the windows from the lobby, etc as those noises can be heard by the dancers.  

Homework Room:

We have a dedicated quiet space for students to work on homework between classes.  The homework room has individual cubicle style desks and is stocked with school supplies.  

Student Lounge:

Our student lounge is perfect for hanging out on breaks or to entertain siblings during classes.  The lounge has a TV set up with Prime, Netflix, and more.  The lounge is also stocked with various toys, games, and activities.   

Food & Beverage:

We have a full kitchen area that provides dedicated space for food and beverages.  There is a fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and Keurig machine available for student and family use.  We often have the refrigerator stocked with free water bottle and have free snacks available for students during their breaks.  No eating or drinking is allowed in the lobby, locker room, student lounge, or studio rooms, with the exception of water.  Students and siblings must pick up any wrappers or trash upon leaving the kitchen in order to keep the area clean for other dancers.  

Lost & Found

Items left at the studio will be placed in the Lost & Found located outside the dancer's locker room.  The Lost & Found is cleaned out and items donated every quarter.  Please check the Lost & Found bin if your student cannot locate a belonging.  We recommend that parents label all dance shoes, attire, and other belongings with their student's name.  Please secure your valuables.   Any keys or electronics that are found will be kept at the front desk.  Converge is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.   

All students must be in proper attire and appropriate dance shoes with hair neatly pulled back in order to participate in class.  No chewing gum, jewelry, or dangly earrings.  Please label ALL of your student's dance shoes!

Complementary WiFi

Free Wifi is available in our lobby by selecting the network "ConvergeFast" and the password is "converge"

Parking Lot & Drop-Off 

Please drive slowly and be cautious while driving in the parking lot as young children may be entering/exiting the building.  

Lobby Etiquette

We enjoy having our lobby and hallways filled with parents, family, or friends who are excited to watch their dancer.  Please help everyone have an enjoyable lobby experience by adhering to the following:

Siblings must be supervised by an adult at all times in the hallways, kitchen, and parking lot.  Please do not allow running, jumping on the furniture, putting feet on the walls, hanging on the front desk, or standing on the tables in the kitchen.  Families are responsible for the repair/replacement of any studio property that is damaged by unsupervised children.  Dance bags and shoes should be stored in the Dancer's dressing room cubbies or in the hallway cubbies.  Water bottles can be taken into the studios.  

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