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Welcome to Converge Performing Arts Center, where nurturing meets excellence!  Our dedicated team of instructors and staff are the heart and soul of our dance community.  With a passion for fostering growth and inspiring students, our diverse group of instructors brings a wealth of expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to every classroom.  From accomplished industry professionals to seasoned educators, each member of our team is committed to helping you reach your full dancing potential.  Get to know the faces behind the names, as we proudly introduce the individuals who are committed to guiding you on your dance journey!  



We have an all-star cast of some of the best dance instructors in the area. Our instructors offer fun, structured, and engaging classes for children as well as industry leading classes that can prepare dancers for the professional dance world in both concert style and commercial style dance.  We have a cohesive team of instructors who work together to help our students achieve and progress quickly.  


Our instructors are not only experts in their fields, they are also chosen specifically for their leadership qualities, values, and desire to impact the lives of our students.  We pride ourselves on hiring instructors who can create successful dancers in a setting that helps students build self esteem and confidence.  Each and every student in our classes will receive the same expert level attention.  Our instructors are able to set very high expectations for our students because we also lead with love and compassion.  


At Converge, you can be confident that your child is in the healthiest learning environment with the opportunity to reach their highest potential.  

Meet the Dream Team

Our professional dance instructors offer the highest quality dance education for your child.  

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