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School Year Classes

Join us for classes at Converge!  We have classes for all ages and skill levels!

Have questions about where your student belongs?  Send us a message!

2023-2024 Class Schedule


Preschool (3-4 year olds)

Monday          5:00-5:45pm          Preschool Ballet/Tap

Kinder (4-6 year olds)

Monday          5:00-5:45pm           Kinder Ballet/Tap Combo

Monday          5:45-6:30pm           Kinder Jazz/Contemporary Combo

Wednesday     6:30-7:15pm           Tap 1 and 2

Thursday         4:30-5:15pm           Kinder Hip Hop/Acro Combo

Level 1 / Beginner  (6-9 year olds)

Monday          5:00-5:45pm           Jazz 1

Monday          5:45-6:30pm           Ballet 1

Monday          6:30-7:15pm           Ballroom

Thursday         6:00-6:45pm           Hip Hop/Contemporary Combo

Thursday         6:45-7:30pm           Acro 1 

Level 2 / Intermediate  (9-11 year olds)

Tuesday          4:00-5:15pm            Ballet 2

Tuesday          5:15-6:00pm            Leaps, Turns, Conditioning 2

Tuesday          7:15-8:00pm            Choreography Combos Class 2-3

Wednesday     5:00-5:45pm           Contemporary 2

Wednesday     5:45-6:30pm           Acro 2

Wednesday     6:30-7:15pm           Tap 1 and 2

Thursday         4:00-5:15pm           Ballet 2

Thursday         5:15-6:00pm           Jazz 2

Thursday         6:00-6:45pm           Hip Hop 2

Ages 10-18: 

Monday          5:45-6:30pm           Industry Jazz 

Monday          6:30-7:15pm           Dance Team Prep (technique)

Level 3 / Advanced Intermediate (11-13 years)

Tuesday          4:15-5:15pm            Leaps, Turns, Conditioning 3

Tuesday          5:15-6:30pm            Ballet 3

Tuesday          7:15-8:00pm            Choreography Combos 2-3

Wednesday    5:00-5:45pm            Acro 3-4

Wednesday     5:45-6:30pm           Improv/Floor Work/Partnering 3-4

Wednesday     5:45-6:30pm           Tap 3-4

Wednesday     6:30-7:15pm           Contemporary 3    

Thursday         4:30-5:15pm           Jazz 3

Thursday         5:15-6:30pm           Ballet 3

Thursday         6:30-7:15pm           Pointe

Thursday         7:30-8:15pm           Hip Hop 3

Level 4 / Advanced (14+)

Tuesday           6:15-7:15pm           Leaps, Turns, Conditioning 4

Tuesday           7:15-8:30pm           Ballet 4

Tuesday           8:30-9:15pm           Choreography Combos 4

Wednesday     5:45-6:30pm           Tap 3-4

Wednesday     5:45-6:30pm           Improv/Floor Work/Partnering 3-4

Wednesday     6:30-7:15pm           Jazz 4

Wednesday     7:15-8:00pm           Contemporary 4

Thursday         7:30-8:45pm           Ballet 4

Thursday         8:45-9:30pm           Hip Hop 4

Find the Perfect Class

Trying to find the right class, level, and time schedule can be tricky!  We're happy you're here and would love to help you find the perfect fit for your student.  

Have questions about which class will be best for your student?

Want to try a class before registering?  

Details & FAQ's

When Does Registration Begin for School Year Classes?

Registration is OPEN for our 2023-2024 classes!  We accept new students all year round!  Click the link below to sign up!

Dress code varies based on genre and age.  Click the link below to view our ATTIRE PAGE.  

What Should My Dancer Wear?

Don't have what you need for the first class?  No worries!  We're very flexible on dress code for new students and during the start of the session.  Students are welcome to wear any comfortable athletic style clothing until they have their correct dance wear.  

How Do I Choose a Class Level?

Our younger kids' classes are divided by age.  Level 1 - Level 4 classes are based on ability level while also taking age into consideration.  If you need help deciding, contact us, and we will be happy to help!


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