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Ballet School
Ballet Technique

Ballet class provides the technical foundation essential for all dance forms. 

Dancer in Studio

Style incorporates elements of ballet, modern, and jazz to create strong, but controlled movements.

Break Dancer
Hip Hop

Street dance class mixing funk and hip hop with video dance styles.  

Image by Jakob Owens
Industry Jazz

A unique combination of jazz and hip hop styles frequently used in commercial dance. 

Beauty Model

Acting coaching and modeling techniques.  

Progressing Ballet Technique

Strengthening  program with focus on improving ballet technique.  

Jumping Dancer

Combines upbeat dance styles with elements of ballet and modern.  Our jazz classes include focus on jumps, leaps, and turns.  

Ballet Shoes

Ballet training en pointe includes focus on classic ballet works.  

Ballet Dancer
Stretching /Alignment

Strength, stabilization, and flexibility training.  Helps you develop the strength and stability needed to improve technique and prevent injuries.

Image by Caitlyn Wilson

Combination of jazz and hip hop styles performed in heeled shoes.  Frequently used in commercial dance.  

Image by Hannah Gibbs
Vocal Lessons

One-on-one vocal lessons in a variety of styles.  

123, Dance With Me

Students ages 3-4 along with an accompanying adult .  Dancers will participate in fun dance activities in various styles and have fun being introduced to da

Two Women Dancing

Specific styles of modern technique including Graham, Horton, and Limon.

Close Up of Tap Shoes

Focus on tap technique and rhythms.  

Modern Ballet Dancers
Musical Theater

Theatrical dance combining aspects of tap, jazz, and ballet with a focus on character development and story telling through movement. 

Image by Gabriel Rodrigues

Tumbling and acrobatic skills for dancers.  

Our Classes

We have so many choices for those wanting to customize their dance training!  We have all the classes you need to develop a foundation of exceptional dance technique and all the additional classes you'll love that help you get closer to your dreams!  Our instructors are dedicated to helping each student achieve their dance goals whatever they may be.

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