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At Converge, we provide a range of programs catering to our dancers.  We have something for everyone!

Converge offers training at the highest level for students aged 6-18 who are interested in joining our competition dance team.


Club Converge

Our club teams include the Sparks, Superstars, and Inspirations teams.  These teams perform at community events and participate in 1-2 local competitions.  


Our dance program for students with special needs of all ability levels.  


Cavs No Limits

This official dance team of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the only of its kind in the country!  

IMG_2082 2.jpg

Recreational Program

We have recreational classes for all ages and skill levels.  We have fun parties and events throughout the year, and all students perform in our annual dance showcase.  


Teacher Assistant Program

Our training program is designed to teach students leadership skills and provide assistance in classes.


The Whole Dancer Program

The program emphasizes our dancers' overall well-being, including physical, mental, and social health.

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