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JLT & Jazz 

June 27-29


Intermediate - Advanced

Open to the public.  All dancers are welcome!  


JLT & Jazz Workshop

Are you ready to take your dance skills to new heights?  Look no further!  Our JLT & Jazz Workshop is designed to transform passionate dancers like you into technically proficient and versatile performers.  At Converge, we understand that technique is the foundation of every outstanding dancer.   Whether you're looking to refine your fundamentals or seeking to push your boundaries, this workshop is perfect for you!  


Workshop Will Include: Technique, Strength/Stretching/Alignment, Progressions, and Jazz Combos

  • Turns technique (foundational and advanced turns; turn sequences; various preps and exits from turns)

  • Jumps and leaps technique (increase height and power; improve positioning and alignment; new skills)

  • Ankle strength and stability (improved balance; increase number of turns you can complete; push-off during jumps/leaps)

  • Leg flexibility and Hip Flexor Strength (extensions; hip flexor tendonitis prevention)

  • Back flexibility / strength (posture; acro skills; supporting arms from back; various tricks)

  • Foot flexibility / strength (improve arch/point, work through feet when leaving the ground)

  • Power/Plyometrics (dance specific- improve height of jumps and power for acro skills)

  • Incorporating technique into choreography 

  • Performing through technique skills

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